Autonomous trucking will be an evolution not a revolution

“Will substantial amounts of driverless trucks be cruising down U.S. highways anytime soon? The short answer is “no.” – According to the article in and its author Seth Holm […]
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Starsky Robotics tests first unmanned autonomous truck on a public highway (with video)

“Starsky Robotics tested its fully unmanned autonomous truck on a 9.4-mile stretch of public highway on the Florida Turnpike on June 16. The company had previously […]

U.S. House passed a 2020 government funding package that would bar the DOT from eliminating the 30-minute break requirement from HOS

“Efforts to strike CSA, hours language from House bill come up short” “The U.S. House on Tuesday passed a 2020 government funding package that would bar […]

Sentencing delayed for truckers accused of illegally hauling hemp

“The sentencing date for two truckers accused of illegally transporting hemp in Idaho has been delayed until September 17. It was originally scheduled for today, June 25.” – […]
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FedEx driver chased his truck after apparent brake fail

Apparently, no one was hurt after the truck stopped on the curbside. Video credits: ZZ YOUTUBE CHANNEL
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UPS claims, their instructors don’t need 2 years of CDL experience

“Entry-level driver training regulations going into force in 2020 will make it difficult for UPS to keep up with new driver demand, according to company documents.”- […]

U.S. agricultural exporters caught in middle of trade war with China

“While President Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping have agreed to meet at the G20 Summit in Japan next week, the U.S. agriculture industry remains […]

Trade demand will plunge if 25 percent tariffs extended to all Chinese goods and those are bad news for a freight market

“The Trump administration is considering levying tariffs on the remaining $300 billion of Chinese exports to the United States so far unaffected by duties. Freight Intel, […]

Rand McNally releases updated Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas

“Rand McNally released this week its updated Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas for truckers, which includes updated U.S. and Canadian maps, low clearance and weigh station locations and more.” […]