Lawmakers float bills to add unique Hours of Service (HOS) regs for livestock/ag haulers

According to article from “Renewing efforts that began last Congress, lawmakers in both the House and the Senate have introduced legislation that, if passed, would facilitate […]

Regulators make it easier to upgrade from B Class commercial driver’s license to CDL Class A

According to article by John Gallagher  which originally appeared on “Training required for a Class A commercial driver’s license (CDL) just became less of a hassle for Class […]

Detroit, busiest truck hub on northern U.S. border, last stop for freight futures roadshow

According to Michael Angell article from : “More trucks cross through Detroit than any other location along the U.S.-Canada border, with a monthly average close to 134,000 during the […]

Self-driving trucks to begin daily commercial deliveries in China

China Post and Deppon Express, two of China’s largest delivery and logistics companies, will begin autonomous package delivery services in April using technology developed by FABU, […]

Digital freight matching platforms and mobile Apps will take over traditional brokerage as soon as 2025

According to Article in and its author John Paul Hampstead ” The business consulting firm Frost& Sullivan released the results of its “new study of trucking-as-a-service (TaaS) […]

At lest 10 people are killed and extreme damage reported fallowing tornadoes in Alabama ,Georgia

According to  at least 10 fatalities and more injuries were reported after damaging tornadoes hit Lee County, Alabama on Sunday. More tornadoes were reported across Alabama […]

Concerns about grid’s ability to handle electric vehicles are real but not insurmountable

Grid capacity remains a concern as commercial vehicle makers ramp up electric truck production. That is one of the findings in a new Guidance Report from […]

Three people died in crash with semi truck parked on shoulder because driver run out of Hours of Service

The truck driver involved in crash on February 28 told Police that he had to park on the shoulder of California I-80 because he almost run out […]

DOE giving $50 million research jolt to heavy-duty trucking

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced $51.5 million in grant money for heavy-duty and off-road truck technology research that could help boost prospects for electric […]